Perhaps put Cruisers in the Finder because the idea of finding out prices, occurred to them or heard or saw something on TV, and they want to know what it costs. If their questions seriously, it is possible to tell you have no thought even travel. But look at them, and if they click on your ad, you It will cost. And it is a visit whose probabilities of conversion are almost nil. To avoid them, we put together the different campaigns so they do not make clicks and reach your page. This is accomplished in different ways (we have, at least 5). For example, you can put the price of the cruise in your listing. So, have the information they wanted there, and do not need to click to see more.

They follow directly following the announcement. (2) Fun with a real interest: these are those who are thinking of traveling (for your next vacation) and want to see what offers there are for them, what destinations, places. It is possible that a cruise is a possibility. These Yes you be interested to capture them, because you’ll see when and how they want to travel, and are going to deliver what the search, when you search for it. There are also several ways to do this. One of them is to assemble a page of specific reception for them, knowing how have their head when they arrive at your site. (3) Visitors with buying mood: here we have the people who, for some specific reason, want to do a cruise in Mexico, which is precisely what you offer.

You can also determine how to make them come to your site, and, taking into account, for example, the listings for your competition, craft a strategy so that they end up closing on his visit to the page. Today we have many tools that allow you to determine, before you start any online marketing campaign, effectively where and how capture each of the 3 categories above visitors. Some are with keywords (not just search the curious to those who want to buy today), others by carefully choosing the websites where your ads will be only mention 2. Audit who visit your page is as important as knowing who they are that compose your list of subscribers, because not only will help you to know what to say, how to say it and how dialogue with them, but also to make effective partnerships with other agencies and related markets, to enhance and earn more. If you want to know more real-life examples and learn how to apply these strategies in your tourism site, need to subscribe free of charge to my bulletin on tourism marketing online, by clicking here. Comments, suggestions, criticisms, and others? They are not only welcome, they are dear! It says in the box below.