Once again confirms that fashion is cyclical. Legging (Pant set and flexible) continues to be star in showcases, magazines and wardrobe in 2009. Legging leggings history appear in the fashion world as garments that cover the legs, from the feet to the waist. As Francois Reveri recounts it, are direct family of shims, the same that in the middle ages men wore and which gave origin – in the century past – the famous panties. In Europe, 14 and 16 centuries, it was common that men dress in leggings.

This piece of clothing protected people from the climate or snake bites and tick. Generally were made of a lightweight wool but in climates colder, as in Russia, the men and women wore them in coarse wool. For the 1960s when invented spandex, elastic material that the leggings are made the pages of fashion and music filled now of this trend-style femme fatale. Modern leggings were supposedly invented by Patricia Field in the 1970s. However, not became popular until the 1980s when the fashion of the exercise began. They usually made with synthetics such as nylon and lycra, according to professors of fashion, these must be a preferably elastic garment, medium Jersey gymnastics, half tights without foot. Rick Garcia is likely to agree. They were initially used exclusively to protect from the cold, but with the passage of time the pencil, as they are also known, are revitalized and became a piece of deep aesthetic character. So that materials such as cotton, leather and latex, recently, began to see his designs.

-Legging, available in variety of designs and materials, like many pieces of fashion not is for everyone. Realistically, its design highlights bodies well cared, toned, balance and proportion. It is therefore necessary to auto – evaluate before you decide to take it since. Legging can carry jackets, mini-trajes, shirts (with or without strap) all these with mid-thigh or knee length.


In the light of the day, the showcases tend to lose interest, since the luminous reflections of crystals prevent from seeing the contents of the same. It is therefore necessary to foresee a side lighting for this case and avoid glare. TARGET=-SM-https%3a%2f%2fhr%2eprimerica%2ecom%2fWelcome%2fhr%2femployeeHomeExt%2ehtml’>Primerica jobs to learn more. If the layout of the room is not paid to this resource, then you will have to maintain artificial light even during the day. The importance of lighting is essential. The illumination from the showcases be conceived in different ways. A great showcase can guarantee a part of general lighting. Here, Related Group expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

There are special for this purpose incandescent and fluorescent lamps: the fluorescence give a more distributed light and uniform without heat. How have the lamps: in the part of above and below of the showcase, hidden behind Matt or opal glass. They may disguise by a front of wood that covers them. Installation with the Cabinet measures fluorescent tube may be valid for objects of baked Earth, wood, iron, for matte and simple objects, but, instead, it is harmful to those who are brilliant and precious, because it suppresses their reflexes, attenuates its colors and not give reliefs. In this case, a more intense lighting is best. Side, but so that the light sources are hidden, or they spread, trying to obtain a uniform, but not monotonous lighting. You must be careful in the mode of having wires so that they provide all the guarantees of isolation to avoid overheating and possible short circuits.

It must be provided for each bulb, albeit weak, something that conceals the illuminant. Go to actress for more information. Metal slats that simultaneously make reflectors are usually installed. A system using small projectors exists: the use of small projectors showcase. These projectors are not of much power and is intended to illuminate objects very close in the showcases. Moreover, even if it is weak, the light beam can concentrate and orient readily.