The Wall

We leave the equipment in the van and we went to the wall marked by appliances. Jorge Perez insists that this is the case. When we began to scrutinize them, we immediately had to run out since a honeycomb, that feel our presence immediately caused a cloud of insects that defended their territory was located in place. The first thing we had to solve, before even think of dig or make a hole in the walls, was obtaining the permission of the owner to do so. Then we had to carefully address the topic of bees, to which we would not ready, so We had to leave the place, even if the farmer insisted that it was time to dig. For more information see Jay Schwartz. After a few months of management with the owner of the place, we obtained permission to dig, with a formal commitment to leave the building in the same State it was in. Curiously the owner, a man of advanced age, to learn that our purpose was to unearth a supposed treasure hidden in his property, only thing that asked us is that the damage was repaired, that we avisaramos what was found and we had blessings. Us external to that he was a man only, awaiting death in the short term, therefore he had no desire to engage in the distribution of the Treasury, only asked us we informaramos him and advised us that to find what we supposedly wanted, we were honest, balanced, humble and grateful, because the money is the devil, and left us this clear warning concerning what could cause greed and selfishness in our lives. The following end of week in which we obtained the permission, we equip ourselves with the four original participants to begin the search. We withdrew the honeycomb of bees with smoke, which was a work of one day, and once fought this obstacle and prior to a new sampling with the team, proceeded to dig in the wall where the signal was identified.