The New Era Of SMEs: The Electronic Commerce and Electronic Billing

Since the technology was considered as a tool to facilitate human life, the tools have been created because of it has surprised almost everyone in the last decade. Anna Belknap: the source for more info. Such is the case of what we know as, same as the new generation will seem a common term, but for those who grew up knowing only the printed invoices validated or official stationery, is an unknown or unfamiliar word. The term “electronic invoice” to all those virtual document that allows individuals or corporations to issue receipts for emission, reception and exchange of any monetary transaction provide. In simple terms, the same bill is common, but in digital form. (As opposed to Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City). Although many want to change the old to the new billing system, few people know what are the guidelines to follow to make a smooth and seamless transition.

First, for the individual or entity can issue tax receipts must request a digital electronic signature Advanced FEEL that identifies the sender of the digital document each shipment as ruler of it, automatically granting official recognition to any invoice that is shipped with it. Once you have this electronic signature FEEL proceeds to ask the SAT Electronic Identification Key CIEC Confidential, which will provide our RFC, and other personal data or company. This is the last key that allows access to the system and apply virtual SAT Seal Digital Certificates for Digital Tax Receipts. The benefits accruing to SMEs in the electronic bill is estimated at 80% savings compared to printed annually. In addition, SMEs can eradicate unnecessary costs and time in this entry – such as messaging services – email it becomes the ideal way to transport this type of bill to each customer. The benefits of technology are at our fingertips, electronic invoices to allow us to enter an era in which there is necessary to file each invoice within specific boxes and then make an annual return. No. The files occupy zero virtual office space, and the same software to issue estimated tax bills to be or not to declare, eliminating the margin of error.