Spencer Johnson

Today we are going to meet two very likeable characters; If you already read the book who took my cheese? sure you know them, although the participation of them seems very short, can serve us example on how to detect the change and move with him. These characters are the mice, sniff and scurry, having as neighbors to two Lilliputians that perhaps we will talk later. Where they lived? In a maze that Spencer Johnson describes thus: the maze was composed of corridors and Chambers, some of which contained a delicious cheese. But there were also dark corners and dead ends that did not lead to any party. It was a place where anyone could lose easily. What were they seeking? A delicious and varied cheese that conform to your most precious wishes.

Occasionally they were cheese, and a good day arrived at a warehouse where there was more cheese than sniff and scurry had seen in his lifetime. Settled and began to enjoy its delicious banquet. So far the story goes well, but the tank began to be empty; Luckily the two mice had maintained a constant practice since they found the place: every day, before starting to eat cheese, they inspected the entire site and began to notice that they would soon have to move there. Plaza sesamo already found no cheese in your deposit, but instead of thinking too much, because they were simple mice with simple brains, they launched a new search for cheese. Voyeur sniffs the air any change in smell enabling to know in which direction forward and elusive runs quickly into action to where his partner says. Why not them surprised the change? Simply because they instinctively knew that change would come at any time. I of course enjoyed abundant cheese that had been found, but knew that at any moment this should end.