Sony Music Entertainment GbmH

Warning because of illegal downloads of music or films – AG Hamburg capping incurred costs – you have lawyers, Salado & Schenk, Negele, Zimmel, GREUTER, Beller, Karimi & partner, Sasse & partner or WeSaveYourCopyrights among others also a warning from one of the popular watchdog firm such as pious lawyers Rasch Waldorf, because you have made a supposedly illegal download of music or film works in so-called file-sharing? If not, then you’re lucky! The previous practice was that the above industrial firms by a connector holder, made of supposedly illegal downloads in so-called file-sharing and thus the intellectual property rights of the clients of this watchdog firm such as Sony Music Entertainment GbmH, Universal Music GmbH, or Warner Bros. Entertainment GmbH and others hurt, demand compensation for damages and Attorney’s fees in horrendous heights of up to 3,000.00. Lawyer Daniel Sebastian has spanned the arc even totally and asked for the download of a music album from young Internet users up to 4.800,00. The legislature has advanced now already a latch which on the 28.06.2013. Then, the incurred costs in each of these file-sharing cases to be drastically reduced or capped.

The legislator has decided late June in the Bundestag already in copyright law to better protect consumers against “Rip off” on the Internet. This means that a G by 155,30 ebuhrenhochstbetrag to apply for a first warning about because of illegal downloading of music in online exchanges. This unit should be offered the outrageous excesses of the industrial industry at least on the Attorney’s fees. This law is so far still not entered into force. The Federal Council must agree first. The District Court of Hamburg has already quite rightly in his decision (AZ.: 31 a C 109/13) based on the ratings of this legislature of its decision. The Hamburg district court has reduced the dispute to crucial to 1,000.00 value for the copyright dispute.