Save, Your Little Contribution To Keep The Environment

Saving is a long-term investment. this can be done effectively acquiring different types of saving products for your home. When your home has this type of product, you can see the savings on your utility bill and the planet will thank you. These are some of the items for your home that will help you improve your savings. Water saving: – Showers, there is placed a small device in size and value, which allows the passage of water in less quantity and with greater force. Thus the consumption of 10 liters per minute can be lowered to 6 liters. With water saver showers can make savings of approximately 54% water. Just open the shower as long as needed, close it while soaping. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Sela Ward on most websites. – Health, energy-saving toilets go according to their year of manufacture.

The health of more than six years are designed to cater for 17 and 12 liters of water, current consume up to 6 liters. – Sink, now they come with water-saving devices, with these you can make savings of up to 57% water. The water-saving sinks and dishwasher every six months. This is at the end of the faucet, cut the dirt on the inside of the investor. – Washers that save water, here you can save up to 75% water, by its system of “jets” built, which reduces the passage of large amounts of water, making optimal distribution and use of small quantities. Energy saving – saving bulbs, the global commitment to reduce global warming requires all households generate from changing incandescent light bulbs with savers. If you have not made the switch, do so and contribute. – Solar Lights, is an excellent choice for outdoor lighting, and automatically storing solar energy during the day and become active when dark. In a question-answer forum Jessica Michibata was the first to reply.

They do not need cables or connection to electricity networks. Installs quickly and easily. – Motion detectors, have sensors that activate the light when they see some movement near; have a certain time to stay on, using energy efficiently. They are used in common areas, gardens, terraces, corridors. – Timers, control the timing of electrical paragraphs optimizing the time of use. Saving gas – gas dryers use less than the stove and water heater, streamlines time in drying and ironing clothes. You can save 35% in costs compared to conventional dryers. – Gas Cooktops, contribute to energy savings, accelerate the cooking of food and help the environment. – Gas heaters, these heaters with energy-saving technology and also provide security when handling and contribute to environmental care. When heater is heating step only the amount of water used to open the key. The most eco: – Recycle at home, this is one of the closest options available and to help improve environmental conditions. Remember that the separation must be done separately, engaging all family members, external partners and domestic servants. – Timber ecological from reforested, which campaigns to keep the environment and natural resources. – Glass Blocks, allows energy savings up to 45%. Put your home in such places where there is natural lighting, which also provides thermal and acoustic insulation. – Paints green, the water-based paints are ideal because they do not emit fumes of solvents to the environment. The light colors of light can improve the site and save energy.