More Free Time

If you had more free time in your work and personal life, how would use it? What would life if I could actually have a greater control of the time? Improve their quality of life can be easier than you think with a guided reflection, tasks and practical tools to increase personal productivity. Think of sudden occasions in which a period of free time was presented in an unexpected manner. Do I knew you invest wisely in these unexpected opportunities? Perhaps they were unprepared to take advantage of the donation. Do has spent the time to do more of what you don’t enjoy? If so, this may be a good opportunity to have different life choices. Time is a two-sided coin.

One side is the ticking of the clock. No person has one advantage over another when it comes to this side of the coin. The other side has the life activities that consume the clock dial. You have control over this side. You can decide what we will do, are not going to make and how long to invest in your options.

How to use the clock? You must identify your highest goals, the most important and most valuable. These become the focal points and incentives to gain control of your time management program. If you don’t take control, system or other people will do it. Think instead of work and personal life. Give priority to the most important things you have to do and the things that give you the highest and best value. Outcomes and benefits help you gain clarity about why they are doing them and how much time should be invested in these things. What new activities that enrich their career and family life? Keep in mind your health, relationships, personal development, continuing education, play and leisure time. It is likely that you feel that you have a full plate with too much to do and there is not enough time to make them. To do the most important things, you should compensate the full dish load. What it is not essential or provides little value? What things are essential, but can be done better or faster by someone else? The delegation is a wonderful time management tool. It’s amazing the many things that we do every day that they are total time waste or that someone else would appreciate the opportunity to do so. A practical way of release time is to be more productive. Creation of ideal physical environments at home and work increases personal productivity by 25% or more. This adds to large blocks of time. The following environments can be combined depending on the activity. For example, teamwork would be a combination of activities, visual and kinesthetic. = Course for the efficient management of time, effective techniques that can be applied in less than seven minutes to achieve more than they never believed possible in less time. (Similarly see: Glenn Dubin, New York City). Visit for more information.