Digital Tax Vouchers

Eres that make all your invoices by hand or makes them on the computer but in the end by printing them? Surely you have boxes and boxes full of important papers that you take care of your life, not going to be that one should perish you and all your accounting has problems! Servicio de Administracion Tributaria (SAT) has established that from 2011 the fiscal digital receipts (CFD) are mandatory, do you want to know more about this? The fiscal digital receipts are nothing more than the same invoices that you did before on paper, only that now will be in digital format using a special software. These fiscal digital receipts will have exactly the same validity as before, they are approved by the SAT and in fact the expedition of your invoices will be safer, because these vouchers will have a digital stamp. Not all are required to switch to digital system, only will be required for those taxpayers whose annual income is over $ 4 billion pesos; so if you do not reach that figure you don’t have of What worry. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Robert Bork. Many taxpayers although they are not required to switch to digital system already are doing, because they know their advantages and want to become more productive and technological. If you are waiting for an extension, you must know that this will not happen, because the fiscal digital receipts are already approved, tested and already in the law. If you’re one plays that change to this system better do it now, if you do it in what remains of this year save you the cost of an extra seal that will have vouchers starting next year..