Chronicle Of The Man Shy With Women

Every day stands and looks only, wondered when came the day that he meets the woman who will become his partner or girlfriend. Leaves home and the first thing that you see is other people, happy having fun and couples, once again says someday I’ll be like them, I will have a beautiful companion to my side, however that day still does not reach. Above to your workplace and sees her sitting there like every day, is the woman in the cubicle on the side, but which only knows your name because I hear it in the hallways, and even the salutes because it dares not to direct you the word, fear fills it and not create layers of assembling a couple of phrases to engage in a conversation with her, only thing that ends up doing is looking at it from time to time and release a sigh as saying someday will talk to you but will not be today. Ends the long day at work, and it was not able to even say goodbye to his co-worker, fear governs your mind and limited their actions, removed from work thinking of her, in the beautiful it is and stupid your aptitude weighing because I don’t speak it and I ask for your phone or maybe I send an anonymous gift, but concludes that it is not appropriate because it takes no chances with her, his mind pre-condiciona it to the course failure. Hear other arguments on the topic with Tony Parker. Failure only built on her imagination because in reality you don’t even try. He arrives at the House and lie only again, just as dawn, thinking that tomorrow will be another day. Dawns a new day and still only, repeats the same routine, goes to work, sees her and tells him nothing, will be the day and does not dare to nothing. The next day everything seems the same, routine and monotonous as always, but when it comes to the workplace finds that women cubic’s side has a visitor and they talk amenamente, she laughs at their jokes, there are strong visual contact, and the ends their conversation asking your mobile number and she gives it without major problems and he retires. A leading source for info: neil cole.