Website SEO

Although many do not believe, that one is properly positioned in the network should determine whether or not their future success. The effort we put into its design, does not guarantee that it will increase traffic, as only those who know the exact address of the domain and need to buy something specific enter it. Thus, the important element in the positioning of our site is search engine on the web. Same as we have to learn to know if we win the battle. Then we will give you some steps to make your site a success and increase the daily number of visits: 1. Identify key words or "keywords" that define best products or services you offer. To reach this point, not only have to know your business thoroughly, but consider the competition and the words by which others come to it. Once you do this, you will have a considerable amount of words that automatically identify your business.

2. Build a list of words that describe your company and perfection what it offers, but takes into account the way in which users may seek common. An auxiliary tool in this part of the positioning process is on the page: – it helps you know the most searched words or phrases on the network. 3. Choose key words for each page as your website, and not only for the principal. Sections will have content specific keywords that are easier to find than those of the home page. 4.

Place links or links within the site, which also contain keywords. Also, when using images as links to surf the Web, place these keywords and even a small description under the label using the command ALT. 5. It links the largest number of Web pages to yours, for anyone who enters your page alternating link may be referred to the original company, accelerating the visitor traffic. Even when you think it is recommended that these alternative pages – whether blogs or forums, the text keywords also envisage that the link to your website immediately. Following these five steps, surely the percentage of daily visits to your site, increase considerably. Try it and see the results!