Spanish School

Valencia. How is learning a language in the easiest and most effective way? It is clear: traveling the country speaking the language that you want to learn, this is what they do thousands of students in the city of Valencia. Valencia has become one of the cities with a high percentage of language tourism, since it is a city with exceptional characteristics to easily learn the Spanish and learn about Spanish culture. Students of schools of Spanish come to Valencia, they have a general idea of what you will find, a city moderately large, with history, charm, but at the same time a modern and futuristic city. For this reason, students of Spanish do not hesitate to join the guided tours of the city of Valencia, why want to know the mysteries, legends, milestones in the end, they want to discover Valencia in its entirety. Costa de Valencia, Spanish School, offers every week these visits so that all students have the opportunity to get to know the city where they will reside for a period of time and it is that Valencia is a city with charm.

Students then leave the level test to learn about their knowledge of the Spanish school and begin his visit in the Plaza de Toros and finish it in the Torres de Serrano. Throughout this journey, they know the monuments more characteristic of the city of Valencia, its history and the various legends that surround them. Also explains them the different festivities of the city, as such failures and leave them a bit of time free in the Central market so that you enjoy this magnificent market and try some Spanish delicacy. This week, Spanish students have enjoyed the visit from the city of Valencia, although the heat was stifling, with the help of fans everything was more bearable. The students were shocked with the figures of the fish market, loved the plaza de la Virgen with all the monuments which has around and understood the history of the city of Valencia, since the instructor of Spanish school told it as if it were a movie. Students of Spanish enjoy this visit since they know the city, listen and learn Spanish and begin to know each other.