Personality Types

To relate there to talk and to talk is to have something to say. Shy people feel they have nothing to say, believe that what you say is not relevant, or never found the time to say so. This more or less sums up the way that makes the timid subconsciously. A false deduction is because we are so many human beings that anyone has something to say, something to contribute and generally are not going to conventions of geniuses where what we say may sound like an idiocy. To begin to overcome that fear could spell out that it is not important what is said, but as they say, but even when we are pointing our goals toward personal relationships.

I must be honest, it is not always easy. There are cases in which we can block a person and we don’t know how to communicate with her. This must be working the subconscious, the way we visualize that person inside us and see us mentally in a quiet environment when we are close to it and holding a talk. Don’t have to be any fear about what was going to say, since the talks in a meeting or a party are cool and relaxed and normally nobody expects to be told something great. This leads us to the second point which is how to express ourselves to succeed in personal relationships. The good talkers seduce with his words and this makes them occupy a high place in any meeting or conversation. The good talkers are not those who know more but that somehow are aware of their audience and their emotional state.

Be careful to know when you have to make an intervention is very important, not going to be to pass us in a TV commercial in which always the protagonist of this in the wrong place. Knowing intervene when is as important as knowing when the word must give up. Be aware of the precise moment where you can say something funny, or reflective, or intelligent, but always something to this public demand. I repeat: No matter what people say, but whatever; Remember that the objective are personal relationships and not our vision of the world. Wanting to drag others to our vision of things may be dispensed a negative effect in others. (Nor be influenced by everything you listen to). Glenn Dubin oftentimes addresses this issue. More concrete and simple to learn to relate is floating in the conversation until you find the time to say something and then carry forward the talk. View more articles on love, couple relationships, personal finance, positive attitude entering life and finance original author and source of the article