Before endeavour to retain an idea, it is essential to understand its essence. For more specific information, check out Neil Cole. Thus, the most efficient process for reading follows the following order: reading comprehension retention information retrieval. So, if you want to read faster and recall information easily, you must focus on understand the ideas you are reading. To do so, have to apply these two keys: with what purpose are you reading? Define your goal of reading: Imagine that you have to make a journey to a place that has not visited previously. It is very likely that, before starting the engine of your car, it estudiare the map to see which road to take. With the reading is exactly the same.

Then, remember: before reading an article, a book, a paper, have to be clear about what you expect from him and towards where you want to reach. In this way, you can better define its strategy of reading, which is the step that follows. Define your road map: without a road map, the mind will be lost and will distract with ease. Recognize the different sections and mark with a cross parties that are vital to achieve your goal. Perhaps after the first reading general realizes that not worth investing time reading it. Do you see why it is essential to realise its goal before launching into reading? Read the first lines of each paragraph, to take an example of the central concepts. This technique will give a general idea of the more specific topics. Ask questions about the material you are reading: what it is, why it is important, of what form relates his goal and with their prior knowledge. Now I read 2 times faster than before and I understand 100% of what I read when we talk about retention and Memorisation of concepts, have to make a very important clarification.