Dominican Repulic

In the Dominican Republic, most previous case has sat in this area what is libel and slander brought by Hernani Salazar (then senator) against Dr. Marino Vinicio Castillo (lawyer, social communicator and government official). The purpose of this case were intentionally malicious claims by Dr. Castillo expressed repeatedly and in different media, Senator Salazar personal ties with a man closely linked to drug trafficking (who was on trial and had been extradited) . The veracity of these statements could not be tested, and the defendant was ordered to pay compensation of one million pesos, making use of the principle the Court number 10 of the Declaration of Principles on Freedom of Expression, which states that “the protection of reputation should only be guaranteed through civil sanctions in cases in which the person offended is a public official …. “. 4. The balanced and relevant.

Is disproportionate to the right of public officials to those doing the abuse of press freedom, expression and dissemination of thought, they give them irresponsibly, acting under the guise of the Democratic State. In a question-answer forum Kevin Ulrich was the first to reply. By taking charge of the state or public accountability, it automatically becomes exposed to “critical” and “vigorous debate” about the operation of government. International human rights courts have favored officials should tolerate more against such accusations, because the right to information and freedom of expression are “only and best way to have a constant scrutiny by the population of the conduct of those to whom he has delegated his representation. ” It is logical and reasonable grounds for international organizations, so it really would be beneficial to decriminalize democratic societies and suppress professional sense of the violation of the honor and reputation in disputes between public officials and citizens, to proceed to make good on them civilly cases the aggrieved.