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Formula 1, will travel to Russia for the first time en2014 after him owner of the commercial rights of the sport, Bernie Ecclestone, visited the country to close the agreement for a period of five years. Makes a great Russian Prize long has been on the list of Ecclestone with a career already provided in a completely new facility near the spa town of the Black Sea, Sochi, where will be held the Olympic Winter Games de2014. It is also believed that Ecclestone has prepared a first draft of the F1 contract with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Today, it is being reported by national circulation daily Kommersant that the Government of the country will pay a fee of approximately US $ 40 million.UU. For even more details, read what Tony Parker says on the issue. for few.The cost of the headquarters has been estimated at about 200 million US dollars.UU. Vladimir Putin has confirmed that Formula one, will travel to Russia for the first time in 2014. With contract which was signed by Bernie Ecclestone the Thursday, that will dispute the first Grand Prize of Rausia in the tourist city of Sochi near the Black Sea, it will be host of the event until at least 2020.

While it welcomed its first driver Vitaly Petrov, Renault at the beginning of this season, the largest country in the world is still did not have a place on the F1 calendar. For more specific information, check out neil cole. However, that will change within four years, when Sochi making his F1 debut in the same year in which is home to the Winter Olympics. We have reached an agreement with the principal owner of Formula one for that Sochi sea headquarters Grand Prize of Russia from 2014 to 2020, Putin is quoted by the BBC, once Ecclestone, travel to the country. The career of Russia is the last of a series of new events in the calendar, since the next weekend opens the Grand Prix of Korea, until the India visit next season yAustin of the United States, Texas in 2012. A race on the streets of the Italian capital of Rome It is also maintained between the possibilities.