Living Excellence

In this month’s article we will expand a little more the theme I started in the video: “YouTube Channel appears Living Excellence. But divide the article into two parts, and in this issue talk about the beginning and the Word, but in no way means that the feeling is not important. What happens is that everything has its place, and when we know and live in harmony with the natural scale of things, we are able to get the maximum benefit. The most misunderstood. In my humble opinion, I think the concept of love is one of the least understood, most distorted and little studied. In fact, this is a problem partly fueled by the ambiguity of most modern languages. “Love” is a fairly generic word used interchangeably to indicate a family relationship, a relationship between friends, sexual attraction, etc..

Even if you search on the net, you realize that using the search term “love” is too vague, and even have to specify the meaning we wish to find (the love of friends, love of brothers, love God, love between couples, and etc…) What I wanted to do to submit a video related to this topic and follow it with this article, you just try to see a somewhat higher that what we call love, to try to disambiguate perception, to try to put in place can make a significant difference in our lives. And after thinking about it a few years, I have to say that the place it deserves and it is up is the Life Principle (of course this conclusion is not an original invention of mine).