Marketing Mobile

Mobile marketing is the future of marketing online, it’s that simple. Current trends reflect not only in numbers, but in the general attitude of consumers. The new technological proposals conducive to increasingly personal Internet use, to develop new products and platforms that work horse on the new 3 G and 4 G networks. I.e. with moving ever more powerful, and with new soft developments that encourage online applications, the equation is simple. In addition, not only we have a mobile internet faster increasingly, but increasingly cheaper.

Today we look with puzzlement when one of our acquaintances removed a cell phone that is not connected to the internet. How does to live?, almost that we wonder. The reasons why is recorded from several quarters ago sustained growth in mobile marketing efforts, it is because it presents several comparative advantages with respect to traditional marketing, in principle, the possibility of a segmentation extreme target. The ability to customize the contents of the mobile marketing constitute a great attraction that will result in high rates of return on investment and, fundamentally, best product sales figures. An example very clear of incipient – successful mobile marketing campaigns is carried out in Spain with the Peugeot 3008, in the middle of this year. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Sela Ward on most websites. With the slogan there is no better advertisement of a car than the car itself, the campaign focused on the dissemination of the catalog and technical characteristics of the vehicle through the wap support.

For this, a site in this format, was launched to be seen exclusively through the mobile. The move is brilliant. When we get the phone and started to play with it? When we are bored, when you have to wait before going to the dentist, while travel by train, etc. Precisely, the moment in which the consumer is more permeable to advertising messages: when the content is not imposed, but that it is actively seeking. Is time to bring the mobile marketing a step further from the traditional calls with charge in order to participate in a sweepstakes or promotion. It is the ideal time creatives and developers make their best effort to achieve content interactive, attractive and seductive. Mobile marketing move a figure close to the 5.846 billion euros worldwide in 2010. Spain, who only has 4% of the world total of what was spent in this area, contemplates an investment for next year nearly 105 million euros. These are figures revealed by the annual report of the digital content in Spain during the year 2009. It was developed by the National Observatory of telecommunication and of the society of the information (ONTSI) of the Secretariat of State of the Government of Spain. The trend is marked, and every reason to anticipate that growth will remain stable. A smart idea is to allocate a part of what you plan to invest in online advertising, to mobile marketing. Maybe at the beginning, the results are not to become euphoric, But yes we will be marking a trail that will yield fruit generously in the periods to come.