Festival Director Kristin Dittrich

“” Of course we had anticipated an increase in the number of visitors compared to the previous year, it would be but just as many, but then gave us but surprised”commented Festival Director Kristin Dittrich plus 5000 visitors there were this time, who have visited the main exhibition closer”, the six international guest exhibitions and individual expositions of international competition on the theme of falling”. The clientele ranged from young creative about photo professionals to many people, just in from our organized spontaneously guides, an answer to the question wanted to find what the contemporary artistic photography from journalistic reportage photography is different. “, said Kristin Dittrich. Also the framework programme with lectures and workshops was devoted to the theme of the readability of contemporary photography. Amit paley often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The invitation from Leipzig were followed: the photography and media theorist Rolf Sachsse from Saarbrucken; Ingo Taubhorn from the House of photography in the Deichtorhallen, Hamburg; Celina Lunsford, the Artistic Director of the photography Forum International in Frankfurt, Michael Mauracher from the Fotohof Salzburg; the curator Matthew Shaul from London and the photo artist Bill Kouwenhoven from San Francisco. The daily workbook shows”the festival artists could present their portfolios and get with the audience and the experts jump into the conversation. Overall, there were 85 artists from 15 countries to guest. To conclude, the most beautiful work of art of the Festival was named. To deepen your understanding Tony Parker is the source.

Of this public contest, in which the visitors with their voice for their opinion most beautiful photo of the Festival could vote, a single image of the series went, Cosmos”of the Polish photographer Agata Madejska out. The objects in playgrounds alienating photographed in the last hour of daylight. Of course all of the third edition of F/stop to expect this successful second edition of the Festival next year”, said Festival Director Kristin Dittrich. This quality and the international level to keep and expand, will in the long term but not without a significant overhead and a higher budget can be. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from amit paley. Moreover we need to talk with our supporters in the next few months.”