Donald Trump

Who does not know or has never heard of Donald Trump? Because he is without a doubt the image of what is called the American dream. More information is housed here: Vegas Strip. It is the promoter of some of the real estate more prestigious in the world such as: the Trump Tower, in the heart of the city of New York or the imposing Mar-a Club – Lago in Palm Beach. Just to name some of the more important. Trump has helped hundreds of thousands of people to change their way of seeing and thinking. With the only purpose to get maximum possible benefit in their businesses or ventures. Besides, if this were not enough, it is television, nominated for a grammy for his famous series The Apprentice star and author bestseller in many books in which details key aspects for success in business and in life itself.

Donald Trump in one of his most famous books: the secret of success: at work and in life, reveals some clues that any employer or entrepreneur should take to achieve those goals that sometimes seem so difficult to achieve. But, in reality they are within the reach of everyone. Always and when we do the things in the right way and always keep focused on our goals. In this article I will mention two of the keys that Donald Trump says in his book, which is record sales worldwide. 1. If you want to get tons of money, don’t be shy and trazate a big goal. It is very wise to think that it is often more easy get $1000 that get a million of dollars.

If you would like so? do but Ponte to think: how many people know that this seeking win thousand or five thousand dollars in a business or a job specific? do and few know that they are thinking about winning a million of dollars in a business?… where you think you have more competition?. Obviously the 99.5% of people are plotted realistic goals and at the end are much competition or many people who are trying to achieve the same goals. So it is not crazy thinking that if stroke me goals much more ambitious, definitely I will compete with many fewer people. Do you think?. 2 Accumulates more and more knowledge so you always know what you are doing many say that knowledge is power, and really do not lack reason to ensure the previous. Although yo agregaria that more power has specialized knowledge. It is always better to be an expert in a topic and dominal thoroughly. Accumulate hours experience in the management and implementation of specialized knowledge that you can implement to improve the performance of your business or entrepreneurship. Also you have to keep in mind that knowledge without action you does nothing. Only knowledge is useful if it is put into practice.