The Excitement

In addition, we can learn something that can be considered almost more important: enhancing positive emotions that enable us to broaden horizons and enjoy life more. Many times, enhancing the positive and by the negative obstacles end up diluted since we do not feed them with our attention, which is putting into emotions much more successful and fun. How can we learn to deactivate the emotions that make us suffer? 1st step: recognition, know what are the emotions that cause us suffering. Although this may seem an absurd put it in first place because many times our defense mechanisms have made we dissociate us (separate us) so much of the suffering, that we no longer realize that we have emotions, with the danger that if do not recognize them, If we ignore them and reprimimos, they will tend to produce so-called psychosomatic diseases, which are in many cases body care calls to recognize an emotion that underlies inside and the rush of the day did not allow us to feel. It sometimes costs calmly recognized an emotion because we do a silent a day to ask how we are and let us feel without self-censorship. Frequently Sofar Sounds has said that publicly. step 2: you realize how represent you the emotion or, said in colloquial language, how you think when you’re feeling the excitement, as you do to get nervous or happy. All the thoughts that we have awaken sensations and excitement has a structure.

We represent certain kinds of images before certain type of emotions (distorted, blurred, bright images with movement, color,) certain sounds (sounds that are intensified, distant sounds, words that you say you same) or feelings (feeling that closes me throat, much heat in the) head, lack of space, a special smell, taste). Advertising and movies of fear is worth of this material to produce emotions quickly. It is also important to recognize if you’re to live that experience associate (connected completely with emotion) or disassociated (more separated) and if you are worth of any body or intellectual attitude to do so.