Mendoza Tourism

Tunuyan is part together with Tupungato and San Carlos of the tourist area in the Uco Valley, in the province of Mendoza. It is an area of great geographical similarity, where the predominantly mountainous landscapes continues a municipality to another. The economy of rural type prevails in all three, and agricultural activity is highly developed. In Mendoza, tourism gives all visitors snow, Sun and good wine, and this region is no exception to the rule. You have, not bstante, some own attractions that it become more interesting to visit, explore and learn. Tunuyan is different from your almost twin brothers, San Carlos and Tupungato, by a tree. Not one anyone, of course, but a sapling of the historic Apple tree under which, returning triumphant, although tired and sick of his liberating campaign, San Martin is embraced with loyal Colonel Olazabal, who wanted as a child. In honor of the event was erected there, inaugurating, in 1950, the imposing monument to San Martin baptized as return to the homeland.

The sector that surrounds the monument to been declared natural reserve, one of the most beautiful province that regalaesplendor to each step. In this place you can visit attractions such as station fish farming provides salmonids to different streams of the place, the archaeological museum with its interesting fossils and the exciting sanmartinianas relics Museum. At the entrance of the dirt road that leads to the high mountain range rises to the famous Christ of the brotherhood, an imposing figure of Christ crucified of twelve meters high by three wide. For those who are fond of outdoor life, the Apple tree historical reserve invites to enjoy walks in family, horseback riding, trekking, paragliding and observation of nature in its fullness. During the month of February, Tunuyan adorns to celebrate their traditional Festival of the tune. A party that rescues the best folk traditions of the province and the country and counts with the participation of the most renowned artists. Proud to defend its cultural roots, the inhabitants of Tunuyan celebrate with good wine, tasty food and great music, and even choose his own sovereign, the national Queen of the tune. A party which, for many, already occupies an immovable place in the calendar of your holidays in Mendoza.


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