State University

Figure 2 shows that, in eight of the eleven years of the 2000-2010 period, the budgetary contributions to public universities settled under the law 30 grew less than the growth of the economy. In the three remaining years, they grew up above. The latter is a manifestation of his advantage from the point of view of the maximum budget allocations.Meanwhile, recurrent budgetary contributions settled under rule provided for in the Government’s proposal is would have increased, in all cases, below economic growth. This evidence its disadvantage in terms of maximum allocations. However, it is observed that, in contrast with the law 30, the reform proposal does not lead to growth rates real negative contributions. More information is housed here: Tony Parker. This would be a manifestation of its advantage in terms of minimum allocations. Castles of sand? Funding schemes associated both to the draft reform Act 30 have serious design faults, since they tend to ignore the characteristics and behavior of the recurrent expenditures and are not designed to accommodate the needs of investment, more in circumstances in which you want to extend the coverage and improve the quality of higher education. None of the two schemas handles, for example, the notion of standardized recurrent expenditures, which has been gaining ground in the literature on these topics.

Behind the project seems to be two excessive biases: one against bid and other funding in favour of the financing of demand (e.g., credits and subsidies). The key word in this case is excessive. It has no note that public universities can not be created or liquidate, enlarge or reduce, following to the letter the fluctuations of demand.It requires a significant degree of independence (not total independence) from changing demand conditions, with a view to ensuring the continuity and stability of educational institutions. And that means grant funding to offer, represented in recurring expenses.Between the College estates, the initiatives of the Government on financing of public higher education tend to view with suspicion: behind this or that proposal lies, reportedly often desire to privatize State University so that their activities are governed by the whims of the market, or do you IACHR due to lack of budgetary resources. Sometimes this suspicion is unfounded; others, however, the Wolf’s ears loom in government projects.Mutual distrust has stretched the agreements on the sustainable financing of higher public education among society, represented by the political institutions, and university levels. In a decidedly imperfect metaphor, today the public University resembles in some respects, to ice cream that melts while interested parties discussed, sometimes bellicose manner, how to pay the treat.

Humanity Continues Dancing

The human being puts increasingly at stake its own existence. According to an analysis of the IUCN Environmental Protection Association, the Earth is moving towards a mass extinction of species. For assistance, try visiting Adam Sandler. However guilty of this it is not only the climate change that seems to be somewhat anonymous and alien to us, they are abusive deforestation, environmental pollution and overfishing, i.e. the human being. Undoubtedly if everything continues as usual, with security the next 2012 will be all much worse and so won’t need neither supervolcanos solar storms nor Mayan prophecies. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Tony Parker. But what he thinks a scientific expert on Mayan culture? Ask the Professor Dr.

Nikolai Grube, on whether there are parallels between the Mayan culture and our current time, replied: the Mayans are an interesting field, also in relation to the environment in which they lived. We are now destroying tropical forests and changing climate, and the Mayans already lived something similar and were also responsible for this. They destroyed its natural environment and caused a degradation similar to which you are currently experiencing. We have destroyed this world, our environment, not only spreading poisons everywhere, but that also have destroyed it with our thoughts. The strength of our thoughts and words are exactly as poisonous and destructive as our actions, that is why perhaps the question for each of us is: something still could do to prevent a catastrophe or what would be the appropriate behavior in view of what we already have at the gates? Much discussed change lifestyle, consuming less energy and eating less meat, Essentials against climate warming, however it does not seem to suffice, however God warned in a timely manner.

For more than 35 years the current prophecy given through Gabriele de Wurzburg resonates throughout the world giving serious warnings about what lies ahead to humanity if it is not turn, what was not, nor is it create alarm, but a call to change. Perhaps be You should look at all this as a great opportunity at the end and performed Jesus of Nazareth, the teacher of pacifism said: I make everything new. It will form a new heaven and a new Earth. but how will happen? If we meet in daily life the ten commandments and the Sermon of the mountain of Jesus of Nazareth, will be assets acting against the destruction of this planet and then stop somehow climate change, although to be honest I should say that humanity is already dancing on a volcano. Based on the programme: 2012 a year of disasters?