Eco Friendly Parlux

You can use this powerful phrase: the best professional hair dryer is the parlux according to 87 per cent of respondents professional hairdressers. Parlux dryers are a classic in the world of hairdressing, the reasons are: for its durability, quality and design, have made this signing a cult brand for the professional hairdresser. I attached a comparative table with all available and current models of Parlux:If you are looking for an opinion on that model of Parlux hairdryer buy depends on your needs, but I at least would begin to take a decision to buy from the 3000 Ionic. If you’re looking for an ionic hairdryer, Parlux has three models: Parlux 3000 Ionic, the 3200 Ceramic Ionic, the 3500 Ceramic Ionic. What difference is there between these three models? Fundamentally, weight, design, power and air flow. The 3000 Ionic is a great dryer but the design is more ancient, is much heavier than the other two models, lower power and lower air flow. There are two differences between the other two models only: the power and air flow (3500 Ceramic Ionic has 100 Watts more than power and 5 cubic metres more than air flow). If you’re looking for a dryer for low weight and good benefits, us includes from the 3,200 and now ye have to decide how many benefits but you want to have the dryer (you can guide through the attached table). If are you looking for latest novelty, I recommend the Eco Friendly Parlux 3800 (the most lightweight of all Parlux, the greater power, greater air flow, automatic cold air, hence silencer button named Eco – Friendly and has only a but does not have ion generator).