Entertainment Networks

It joins the percentage of 91 per cent of Internet users who would support measures that limit their power and a 94.2% who consider that sometimes abused citizens and entities. In these sections is also experiencing a sensitive growth with respect to the previous study. The support of a possible closure of the SGAE grows significantly in all age levels except the one located between 41 and 50 years, while putting up measures to limit his activity grows among young people aged between 21 and 30 and those over 50. Moreover, belief in that the entity is abusing citizens is increased compared to year last among Internet users aged between 16 and 30 years. Parallel to the deterioration of the image of the General Society of authors, also upload the rejection of Canon Digital. In the study of Entertainment Networks is reflected that 92.2% of the users of the network considered unfair the barrel, compared with 86% rating it as last year. In fact, 21 years onwards, more than 90% of Internet users opposed to the barrel. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez might disagree with that approach. It is an opinion widespread in the network the fact that the General Society of authors is abusing citizens and entities.

Furthermore rejection towards the instrument that uses the SGAE, i.e. the digital canon, is above 90%, said Alejandro Suarez, for whom the voracity of the SGAE ago that users themselves is not only justified, but sometimes shall regarded and recommend downloading copyright-protected content to third parties. This high percentage of rejection is kept constant in each and every one of the autonomous communities of the Spanish territory. In fact in all stands at around 90%. Galicia, Valencian Community and the Balearic Islands are the regions in which mayor is the rejection of the SGAE. By contrast, Murcia, Extremadura and the Canary Islands with 86, 87 and 88 percent of users who consider its unfair activity, respectively – are less criticisms with the entity.

Budget Hotels

The qualification and number of stars assigned, supplied an entity specialized in each country, that fixed it according to a standard international according to the number of services offered. This standard has been created to facilitate understanding between users, suppliers of accommodation and accommodation services. Its primary function is protection of the consumer, information and clarity to travel agencies and accommodation and lodging establishments. This normativity, provides assistance to the consumer so you can make an informed decision about a tourist service, in order to increase the possibility that your expectations are achieved, increasing its degree of satisfaction and seeks to reassure the consumer that receives a service according to what is being paid. Yes is happening today, is that the traveller or visitor is fixed more in comments or descriptions that map other guests to hotels. This is the trend today. This qualification and allocation of the service supplied customer delivery directly, in a communication on line and visible to all.

In my view, the stars guide services provided numbers, but who gives a rating of these themselves are guests. We need both mechanisms for choosing a hotel according to our needs and budget. Hotels with many visitors, is a sign that they are doing a good management, unless they are just raising awareness. Today, the stars have lost validity before the public who travels and is hosted. Today travelers are setting more in the comments or opinions that appear in the search engines, in the case of Google, to the left side of the map on pages like Trivago. Or Tripadvisor among others.

They also relate to the position with which appear in search engines with fame, prestige and excellence. The advantage of these comments is that they are immediate, current and very serious, supplied by people like us, who visits hotels for tourism or for work. Choose a good Cali hotel, it is not an easy task but you can investigate a little in these comments. Doctor specialized in tourism hotels in Cali, corporate, economic, you can also find them according to their needs.