Moscow Art Theatre

It becomes much more correct and beautiful. Vocal coach always pays great attention to the beauty of speech. He puts breathing and articulation, learns to use his vocal abilities. The same, in fact, engaged and speech therapist, but his assistance is needed in extreme cases. Correct the "wrong" person's speech, which is more than 8 years is difficult because at this age the habit to their speech, and there is not enough without consulting a speech therapist. To be honest, the standard of "right speech" at a given time is the same rare, like a butterfly in the Antarctic! Unfortunately, contemporary pop culture, and accordingly the tv and media attention does not bother to correct speech, so young artists either do not consider it necessary or can not work on his speech due to the fact that they have no correctly, you need to "own" all of these parts sufficiently. Do not panic! No one offers to take up Russian language textbook, or go to the mages and learn spells. In the first stage need only one of your desires. In the final result must be to ensure that it was ideal from the standpoint was grammatically correct is framed, as well as lexically diverse. The task is difficult, but doable. To say need to hear, so be sure to look for your standard and work on yourself. In Russia, the unquestioned model of speech culture is still considered the Moscow Art Theatre, some experts, speech therapists say no more than listen to old records of theatrical productions until 1990.